Riccardo Insalaco


In 2011 I decided it was time to start my own salon, using all my knowledge and experience.

COCONUT was born!

‘Coconut thrives on education to help us innovate, grow, progress and always be on the pulse of the British hairdressing industry. Whether it’s the latest fashion shows or art exhibitions, music events as well as screen events, Coconut will be there to learn and share with our clients what is happening in the creative worlds.’

Since owning my own salon I have been an International Ambassador for an Australian product brand. This involved holding seminars, stage work, teaching other ambassador’s and meeting potential clients at PR events around Europe and America. 

We love planning and working on new ideas on future collections for Coconut, whilst always looking for inspiration, pushing boundaries and accelerating our knowledge and skills. 

My goal for Coconut is to keep driving the brand forward, always learn and share my knowledge with my team, especially the future Coconuts.  Ensuring the salon experience and customer service remains high!

In my free time away from the salon I have many other passions which include playing  drums, mixing music tracks, Photography, Art, and many more!



Being able to be apart of boosting confidence in clients and being able to provide change to their appearance. Seeing transformations is what makes this line of work so rewarding. Music by far is what lies as my number one hobby, its a place where I get to unwind and explore my creativity and passions for all avenues in my life. Spending quality time with family and friends and living life outdoors is what rejuvenates me.

My favourite aspect of hairdressing is colour on all levels and creating maintainable healthy hair and advising clients in to better directions of choice when it comes to their over all look.

My favourite genre of music is a mix between soft lounge jazz to contemporary indie rock/pop 

One of my most enjoyable aspects of being apart of coconut team is the free reign of choice and environment we get to be in and the relaxed up-beat atmosphere that is created every day. In the four months that I have been apart of this team I have enjoyed and embraced every angle of what coconut hair has to offer.  I’m 27 and have now been in this industry now for nearly ten years.



I was attracted to hairdressing and always knew I wanted to be in the industry as I love how creative you can be with hair and all the things you can achieve. I also like the fact your always meeting new people and always learning new things.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I also love going shopping and buying new clothes!

I find all parts of hairdressing interesting but I love hair up and all the different styles that you can create.

I enjoy listening to many different types of music, I listen to anything from the latest songs and 80s music.

I joined Coconut in September 2016 and couldn’t be happier, I like working alongside everyone in Coconut it’s such a friendly environment. I have a fantastic opportunity at Coconut, I am 21 years old and am currently doing my apprenticeship at the Coconut.


The creative atmosphere drew me to hairdressing.
I’m interested in art, poetry, photography and hair and beauty. I really love combining those hobbies in and out of work.
I adore mixing colours and have been experimenting with hair dye since I was 14 years old.
I am 19 years old; I enjoy going to gigs in my spare time. Pop-punk, alternative/indie rock, chillstep are my preferred genres of music.
I’ve been part of the coconut family under a month.

I’m enthusiastic about Coconut because there is a strong sense of freedom, I feel that people can be themselves.



I’m 15 years old and have been working at Coconut for 4 months.  I enjoy skating, playing guitar and playing the drums. Im a massive fan of Reggae and pop punk music. Since working at Coconut, I have enjoyed the social aspect and learning about the craft and customer service.

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