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A creative coconut is always on the lookout for that artistic experience that you can immerse yourself in. So this blog will not only be bringing the latest developments and news about Coconuts, but we will be sharing some of the incredible creations that we have had the opportunity to see and learn from.

Sunday . 6 .May . 2012

Coconut Test Shoot – Behind the scenes photos :) 29/4/2012

Testing at the Cobham salon. A day full of energy, hair experimentation and a ridiculous amount of fun.

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Wednesday . 25 .January . 2012

New 2012 Price list

Roll on 2012 for all future Coconut Clients

Price List

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Tuesday . 24 .January . 2012

EVO International training at Coconut.

International EVO ambassadors Lorenzo and Riccardo welcome Sweden, Holland, Norway, UK and American ambassadors for THE KNOWLEGDE CORE STYLING and MISTER FANTASTIC training. Happy days



'CHEER UP' t-shirt modelled by Riccardo Coconut. How cool he is.

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Saturday . 19 .November . 2011

Candid Shots from Academy of Hair Training School charity show

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Thursday . 17 .November . 2011

Test shoot in ?Enchanted Forest?

This shoot was purely testing at minimal budget. The idea is that a team consisting of photographer, make up, hair and new models practice and experiment with ideas. These shoots are fun and relaxed and tend to inspire the team for future shoots. They are done purely for the passion. Big budget shoots will come later once ideas have been developed from a result of this ?testing?.

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Thursday . 17 .November . 2011

Test shoot Wolf & Moon

A test shoot aimed at experimenting with 1950?s black and white German photography.

Working with big strong shapes with a slight sinister side. Think Dracula and Frankenstein’s bride.

Fern Berresford
Coy! Communications
Eleanor Andrews / Angela Wilkinson
Make up



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Thursday . 17 .November . 2011

Test shoot underneath the M25


Experimenting with texture. This test shoot was all about using crimpers and seeing what kind of textures can be achieved. Shot in a great location very local to us under the M25 flyover. We wanted to test the model in those surrondings with the future idea of returning with more models and fashion/make up.


These shots were testing at its purest, just hairdresser photographer and model. No make up artist or stylist. This can be a liberating way to experiment. Very Coconutty.


Jasmine Kerri Ziaian

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Thursday . 17 .November . 2011

Test shoot somewhere in the middle of London

These 3 photos are the simplest way to test. One model with her own clothes and make up, hair was done sitting on a curb in front of builders on the street. A 5 minute hairstyle designed to have a rough street edge whilst maintaining a little fashion.


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Tuesday . 25 .October . 2011

Gerhard Richter: Panorama

Gerhard Richter - Reader

By Holly Knotty Knot Knot

With his rich peerless works and multiform approach to painting, Gerhard Richter I believe, is an increasingly significant artist for the twentieth and twenty first century.

His rooms took me on a ride of feeling, fun and sentimentality and the walls were no longer walls, they had become the guardians responsible for hanging these pieces, responsible for presenting us with the ethereal to the highly charged. Richter managed to create constructions, colours and strokes that battle passionately in opposition, with paintings after photographs countering explosive abstracts, traditional still-lifes alongside monochrome grey works and multicoloured grids. Gerhard Richter also gives us his destructive images of the bombing in Dresden and the tragic attack on the World Trade Centre’s, as most would have wanted to bury these memories, Richter brought these occurrences to the surface in a way that shows his true dexterity and power of the Art.



Tuesday . 25 .October . 2011

Tacita Dean’s FILM At The Turbine hall

Tate Modern, Bankside, London, SE19TG.
Entry : Free
11 October 2011- 11 March 2012

By Nicole Denham


On visiting London and its plethora of cultural activities and assets it can become somewhat of a minefield in finding the note on which to begin experiencing this rich tapestry of the Arts.  I would therefore suggest you consider what has come to be somewhat of a constitutional feature of the London art scene- The Unilever series at the Tate Modern.

Much in the public’s periphery are memories of adult slides in the Carston Höller exhibition in 2006 or the controversial crack in the floor from Doris Salcedo in 2007 . Now in the series 11th year the space has been given to YBA Tacita Dean.  Her work FILM is an 11-minute silent 35mm film projected onto a gigantic white monolith standing 13 meters tall at the end of a darkened Turbine Hall and is the first solely moving image installation.

On visiting, spectators must walk down the giant turbine hall in near darkness with only Salcedo’s crack to guide you into the back part of the hall where the projection is taking place.



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Born through a love and passion for the craft that is hairdressing comes Coconut. A desire to enhance natural beauty through pure quality hairdressing has become our lifestyle. Coconut comes with a fresh approach to bring you all of our knowledge and dedication to create bespoke beauty with a whole lot of love.

Coconut thrives on education to help us innovate, grow, progress and always be on the pulse of the British hairdressing industry. Whether it's the latest fashion shows or art exhibitions, music events as well as screen events, Coconut will be there to learn and share with our clients what is happening in the creative worlds.

We also grow our own stylists, mainly fed on a diet including Hair, various literature, hair, manure, more hair, some more hair and some nuts. This well balanced diet ensures we grow only the best future Coconuts.

Coconut comes from a place where warmth and friendliness come as standard. We love everyone and want to produce great looks for individuals. A truly bespoke experience to ensure all of our clients are happy and relaxed. Our theory behind this truly extraordinary statement (sarcasm included) is that a happy relaxed client is an open client which will enable us to get to their core needs. Simple really.

With many years experience ranging throughout the whole hairdressing industry 2 life long friends Lorenzo & Riccardo thought it was time to give birth to something that represents them in today's world. And so bringing to the people a fresh, fun, professional experience that is always full of love with a distinctive hint of NUT. Coconut was born.



As creatives we believe colour plays an important part in creating tailored looks for clients. Various depths and tones are used to enhance natural beauty. Coconut strongly believes the key to great hair colour is deep consultation and healthy hair.



Coconut believes it's not always the hair you cut but the hair you leave that's important to achieving stunning looks. Lorenzo and Riccardo have studied the craft and taught it for many years and thus instilling in them the understanding of face shape and bone structure. This is individual to every client and essential for bespoke, tailored cutting to enhance a client's natural face shape, body shape and hair texture.



Coconut believes everyone has individual style. From the truly outrageous to the gorgeous Silver screen Sirens. With a great cut and colour to suit, the styling can really bring out the best in you. Educating clients on how to use the correct products and styling techniques on a regular basis is essential to great looking, healthy hair on a daily basis. Creative styling and UP do's are a sure way to change your look for any special event. Allow Coconut to create something truly bespoke and explore all of your styling needs.



Beautiful hair HAS to be healthy hair. Now Introducing Dr.Coconut. Dr. Coconut will prescribe a correct honest treatment plan for the present and future to make sure you have a healthy scalp and hair. A full consultation is needed to receive the correct prescription. Dr.Coconut has travelled the world extensively (including the earth's core and a cloud) to find only the best non-gimmick treatments for his patients which will lead patients to shiny healthy hydrated happy bouncy hair. (Dr Coconut can not prove that hair is self aware and therefore Happy hair is only a theory).



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Learning and sharing is the Coconut way of life. See what happens when we shut our doors and turn the cameras on. Parental guidance required.

Coconut Hair - Upcoming Tutorials

We will be adding tutorial videos in this section regularly. In the meantime enjoy an amazing ultra-slow motion video of our team at work. This clip was also used as a music video for the fantastic musician Ian M Hale.

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Coconut brings you only the finest most luxurious, logical and well rounded products for your selection. The products were chosen because they are honest and actually WORK!!! With great styling and conditioning products and honest advice to go with, everyone can find the right mix. Here's to gorgeous well maintained hair with endless creative possibilities. Nice.

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